Claire Miller - Our new Diesel Mechanic Apprentice


In a remarkable display of determination and breaking gender stereotypes, 17-year-old Claire Miller has taken the bold step of starting an apprenticeship at On-Trac Ag Orange as a diesel technician. Breaking barriers in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Claire’s decision to pursue this career path has garnered attention and admiration from many.

Claire, a Central West local, has always been fascinated by the agricultural industry. This enthusiasm was fuelled by time spent on her grandparent’s farm as child. Her passion for understanding how things work and a desire to challenge societal norms led her to consider a career as a diesel technician. Despite facing scepticism and doubts from some, Claire remained resolute in her decision and pursued her dream with unwavering determination. “I think Mum and Dad were first concerned about me leaving school but now, because they now see how passionate I am, I have their full support,”

On-Trac Ag Orange, a renowned agricultural machinery company, recognized Claire’s potential and welcomed her as an apprentice. The company has a history of promoting inclusivity and diversity, and by offering this opportunity to Claire, they have not only demonstrated their commitment to empowering young individuals but also paved the way for a more diverse workforce in the diesel technician field.

As an apprentice, Claire will receive hands-on training from experienced professionals, learning the intricacies of diesel engines, diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance, both in the workshop and at TAFE’s Wagga Wagga campus. This comprehensive program will equip her with the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel in her chosen field. Claire’s apprenticeship is expected to last for a period of four years, during which she will work closely with the experts at On-Trac Ag Orange, honing her skills and gaining practical experience.

Speaking about her apprenticeship, Claire expressed her enthusiasm and determination to succeed in the field. She said, “I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their passion, regardless of their gender. I hope that my journey as a diesel technician apprentice will inspire other young women to break barriers and follow their dreams, no matter how unconventional they may seem.”

When asked what has been the highlight, since starting back in January, Claire says that two days in particular that come to mind. “The day I got my toolbox and the day that I got my own job to complete. It was a pre-delivery on a TD5 tractor. It felt really satisfying to get the job done right.”

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