King of the Mountain


In a remarkable turn of events, Justin Cheyney, a talented second-year diesel mechanic, at On-Trac Ag’s Orange branch, recently emerged victorious in the prestigious New Holland/Ampol Redbull Racing Bathurst 1000 apprentice and technician program. This incredible achievement has not only brought recognition to Justin but has also highlighted the exceptional training and skill development offered by On-Trac Ag. Fresh from the mount, we’ve asked Justin to share his journey leading up to this momentous win and explore the invaluable experiences he gained throughout the program.

The Road to Success:

Justin’s journey began when he was nominated for the Red bull Ampol racing X New Holland Apprentice and Technician Program. His solid technical abilities as a diesel mechanic caught the attention of the program’s organisers, who saw his potential to make a significant impact in the field. Justin was informed of his nomination by email by a representative from Red Bull Ampol Racing, who reached out to him personally and offered him a chance to be a part of the racing team at this year’s Bathurst 1000. Justin said that the opportunity was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and he eagerly accepted the challenge.

The Experience:
On Wednesday the 4th of October 2023, Justin arrived at Mount Panorama at 7 am, ready to contribute his expertise to the team. For five days, Justin’s role primarily involved providing support by assisting in the maintenance and preparation of the team’s vehicles. The atmosphere was electrifying as Justin found himself surrounded by seasoned professionals and fellow enthusiasts who shared his passion for motorsports.

“Soon as the cars came back into the workshop, we had to dust them off and get all the rubbish and rubber off the body works. We’d get the wheels ready and stocked the fridge for the team and VIP’s. We had a check-list of jobs that we needed to complete on a loop. The team worked like a well-oiled machine with everyone having a specialised role. I was pretty tired come Sunday night”

During the program, Justin was exposed to a completely different side of the mechanic’s trade. The work he undertook with the Red Bull Ampol team was significantly distinct from his usual tasks at On-Trac Ag. However, this allowed Justin to expand his skill set and gain invaluable insights into high-performance racing vehicles. From assisting in various maintenance activities, to more generalised duties, Justin embraced every opportunity to learn and contribute to the team’s success.

“The quick release brake calipers designed for a speedy changeover were interesting. They were held on just by two bolts. In seven seconds, the whole calipers and brake discs had been changed. You don’t see that on a T8.” Justin Cheyney

Lessons Learned
Justin’s participation in the New Holland/Ampol Redbull Racing Bathurst 1000 program was an enriching experience that broadened his horizons as a technician. Being part of a world-class team and witnessing the dedication and precision required in the motorsports industry left a lasting impression on him. The program reinforced the importance of attention to detail, teamwork, and adaptability in dealing with complex challenges.

Furthermore, the opportunity to interact with seasoned professionals and fellow enthusiasts allowed Justin to network and forge connections within the industry. The knowledge gained from this experience will undoubtedly benefit his future endeavours and contribute to his growth as a skilled diesel mechanic.

A word from his manager:

Luke Crum, manager of the Orange On-Trac Ag workshop, is thrilled that this opportunity has been presented to his apprentice.  “Justin is a kid from Newbridge, NSW, and he’s just been part of the winning team of the Bathurst 1000. There’s been 60 years of the Bathurst races. On the 60th year, Justin was chosen to be a part of the team that took it home. That’s unheard of! It’s a good incentive for apprentices to know they can strive for this kind of opportunity.”

The take home:
Justin Cheyney’s remarkable victory in the New Holland/Ampol Redbull Racing Bathurst 1000 apprentice and technician program is a testament to his dedication, talent, and the exceptional training provided by On-Trac Ag. This achievement showcases the immense potential of young professionals in the automotive industry and highlights the importance of recognizing and nurturing talent. “I just want to thank Red Bull Ampol racing and New Holland for this amazing experience. I want to thank to racing fans, also, for bringing the atmosphere and making my time on the mountain one heck of an experience.”

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