PLM Precision Land Management

On-Trac Ag – PLM Precision Land Management – providing autoguidance systems to suit your needs.

Increase growth

PLM offers a full range of precision farming solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs, helping improve fields

Control input costs 

Maximise uptime, improve productivity and efficiency and even optimise fuel consumption.

Increase productivity

Optimise large machinery fleets, plan your operation based on where machines are now.

We Are
Precision Land Management  

We are entering the age of the connected farm. The Landscape is ever changing.

Here at On-Trac we are all about providing our customers with exceptional service, ranging from GPS Correction subscriptions to technical support to Farm Data Management.

We will always endeavour to help our customers navigate and steer their farms into the future.

Increasing efficiency, productivity

Saving cost and streamlining operations

Working smarter not harder

To help our growers maximise the returns with minimal impact on the environment, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products.

We offer systems for the farmer just starting out on the precision farming journey, to the most advanced in the field.

On-Trac has a dedicated PLM factory trained member, backed by an experienced team with vast multi-industry experience, who are ready to help support your needs.

Providing a cleaner and greener solution with improved soil care


Support from our highly skilled technicians Experience

See the Benefits

PLM Precision Land Management tools ​

Guidance solutions that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Tailored to suit your individual needs.
Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces
Reduce input costs with detailed reports and analysis
Synchronise in-field working between machines from the comfort of your office.
Save on fuel costs by reducing in-field passes
Controlling inputs, such as fertilisers,
Providing a cleaner and greener solution with improved soil care

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