Thriving at On-Trac Ag – Gesner Guibao

In a testament to the global nature of the workforce, Gesner Guibao, a talented diesel technician hailing from Davao City, Philippines, has found success at On-Trac Ag’s Bathurst branch. With four months under his belt, Gesner has quickly established himself as a valuable member of the team, showcasing his expertise and dedication to his craft.

Having spent the majority of his professional career working with heavy equipment, Gesner brings a wealth of experience to his new role. Prior to joining On-Trac Ag, he spent nine years specializing in Volvo products, including earthmoving equipment, excavators, and bulldozers. Additionally, he gained three years of invaluable knowledge as a mechanic, focusing on Massey Ferguson tractors, particularly the 7600 series 140hp tractors. Furthermore, Gesner has a commendable three-year background as a construction maintenance mechanic at RDI Construction.

For Gesner, this opportunity at On-Trac Ag marks his first experience working away from his beloved family in the Philippines. With a wife and two children aged 10 and 8, he admits to missing them dearly. However, motivated by his aspirations to learn about Australian farm equipment and gain further professional growth, Gesner remains committed to his work. As part of his two-year visa, he intends to immerse himself in the Australian agricultural landscape, developing a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s challenges and requirements.

“I am enjoying Australian culture. It is satisfying to help the company in achieving our common goals.” Gesnar Guibao

At On-Trac Ag, Gesner has been eagerly learning about the company’s extensive product range, while enjoying the collaborative environment fostered by the Bathurst team. One aspect of his job that particularly excites him is working with electronic diagnostic equipment, allowing him to combine his technical skills with cutting-edge technology.

The Bathurst branch of On-Trac Ag has recognized Gesner’s abilities and strong work ethic. His meticulous attention to detail, coupled with his ability to troubleshoot and repair complex machinery, has contributed significantly to the team’s goals. Moreover, his positive attitude and willingness to learn have endeared him to his colleagues, who have been more than happy to share their knowledge and experiences with him.

As Gesner continues his journey at On-Trac Ag, the company remains committed to providing him with ample opportunities for growth and development. The team’s support, combined with Gesner’s dedication and enthusiasm, ensures that he will continue to achieve in his role.

Bathurst Service Manager, Adam Dolbel, stated, “Gesnar has already cemented himself as a intricate part of our team in Bathurst and we are looking forward to seeing him grow and excel in his journey.”

With his family’s unwavering support back home, Gesner is poised to make the most of his time in Australia, bridging cultural divides and leaving a lasting impact on the agricultural industry. On-Trac Ag eagerly anticipates the contributions he will make during his tenure, confident that his expertise will help drive the company’s success in the years to come.

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